Margaret Jarvis Life Membership


I am speaking as a relatively new member, compared to many in the Society, but during all my time with the Society, Margaret Jarvis, has been an important and much valued source of wisdom and a construc- tive, but welcome, critic of the Society. Long before I joined this statement has held true. Margaret has during her long service been both an officer and President of this Society. Her commitment to the Society’s success and evolution, in the face of change, has been without equal. During these times of change I have found her knowledge and sound judgement to be a great help and asset to the Society.

Often at times like these we turn to a litany of posts and offices held, but I would like to break from that format. Instead I want to highlight Margaret’s many real achievements for the Society:

  •   Margaret has been the voice of reason that has ensured that Wolverhampton Society of Artists has not drifted away from its original purpose to be a society of artists providing mutual support for each other.

  •   Margaret’s constant hard work and drive has maintained our Society as a true Society of Artists, with all that means in terms of having a true feeling for the arts and striving to evolve and improve.

  •   Margaret has kept our Society within the sights of public art galleries and a wider art community in

    the Midlands.

  •   It was Margaret’s vision, commitment and editorship that first produced our magazine,

    “The Limner”. Under her guidance it grew in vigour and strength and continues today gathering, as it did when Margaret first envisioned it, praise and the attention from other artist communities as well as our own.

  •   Her encouragement of members has maintained high standards of art within the Society.

  •   If it is difficult to have work selected for Society exhibitions, as it should be, it is because of

    Margaret’s perseverance in maintaining high professional standards amongst both our professional

    and amateur members.

  •   Margaret’s mammoth efforts over the years means that those of you who have had work selected

    for exhibitions have risen to the standards Margaret fought hard to help establish and maintain.

    Speaking as a former Chairman and now President I can say without equivocation that the efforts Margaret made in the past laid a platform for future success and made my job easier. This year we are having exhibitions in two public art galleries. We have a professional looking Website and Facebook page. These are products of hard working members of your committee and they deserve credit for their achievements, but underlying their success is the foundation Margaret fought for, and her success in helping make our Society a significant organisation.

    Margaret Jarvis has earned this life time membership with a lifetime’s work for the Society. I also know that Margaret is still working for the greater good of the Society. Her efforts have kept alive and developed the vision of our founding fathers and also she has established a clear picture of what it means to be a member of Wolverhampton Society of Artists.