Richard Randall

gift copy.jpg

   Carved Wooden Gavel

Carol Widenbar was presented with this marvellous object donated to the society by Margaret Randall the wife of a former member Richard Randall. 

The inscription reads - ‘In Memory of Richard Randall former member of the WSA’

We remember Richard for his superb landscapes and natural drawing skills but he was also a skilled craftsman. This beautifully carved wooden gavel was made by his friend Roy Wood to celebrate their mutual skill and passion for wood carving.

The artists’ initials R.W. are carved into the base. Not only is it a work of art it is really useful too and the WSA is honoured to be the custodian of it.

Richard’s kind and generous spirit continues in this gift; we will treasure it, we will ensure its provenance is recorded and will use it in Richard’s memory for many years to come.